Once you have decided to make Big River your new home, you may begin to wonder how to make your nursing home room feel like home. There are some key points to keep in mind when decorating a smaller space, and the tips below will help you get heading in the right direction.

Take Measurements

Depending on your and your roommates needs, you may be able to add a small piece of furniture to your room, such as a chair, ottoman, or an additional small dresser. Just make sure to ask before you make any investments in additional furniture.

Even if you will not be adding new furniture, you want to measure the walls in your nursing home room, as well as the surface area of your nightstand and dresser, so you can ensure the decorations you purchase do not overwhelm your space.

Pick A Complimentary Color Theme For Your Nursing Home Room

We decorate each of our nursing home rooms in neutral colors themes. That make it easy for you to personalize your area. When decorating your half of the room, try to stick with a consistent color theme. This could be a combination of two or three colors, one color that you love, or several shades of the same color. While you want to add color to your room, you do not want color to overpower your room, so opt for colors that you find soothing and comforting.

Invest In Organizational Tools

Space saving solutions will not only help to maximize your space, but will also help to keep your side of the room organized and clutter-free. Head over to your local home improvement store or home section of your favorite retailer. Keep an eye out for drawer organizers, closet organizers, and stackable storage boxes. You can even find specialty hangers designed to maximize your hanging space.

Choosing The Right Décor

To truly make your nursing home room feel like home, you must select décor that makes you feel good. Mix in décor with essential items that you just can’t do without. A few ideas to get you heading in the right direction include:

  • Framed family photos and photo albums
  • Bedding is provided, but you are welcome to bring your own comforter, throw blanket, and throw pillows
  • Plant or other natural element
  • Music—radio, cd player, iPod
  • Laptop
  • Vase, decorative bedside lamp, trinkets, etc.
  • In room entertainment items—laptop, cards, handheld or solo games, books, magazines, etc.
  • Hygiene supplies are provided, buy you may want to bring your own bathrobe, non-slip slippers, and toiletries.

The tips above will help you when decorating your nursing home room, and will make sure that Big River feels like home.