There are a number of reasons living alone may be unsafe for your parent. Maybe they just lost their spouse and simply don’t feel comfortable living alone. That could be because of the neighborhood or just because it’s been such a long time since they’ve lived alone, if ever. Something else to consider is transportation to and from home. If they’re unable to drive, living at home may not be what’s best anymore. Lastly, can your parent manage their health? If they’re unable to keep track of medication or pose a danger to themselves because of a mental decline like dementia, living alone poses risk. At this point, it’s time to move your parent into a nursing home for their own safety.

They Can No Longer Perform Their Activities of Daily Living

Activities of daily living (ADLs) include everyday tasks like showering, taking medication, cooking, getting dressed, etc. These activities are usually automatic and require little to no effort. As we age, though, some of these things become more difficult or impossible to carry out because of certain disabilities or illnesses. In order for their ADLs to be met, you may need to move your parent into a nursing home.

Lack of Mobility at Home

With old age often comes a need for a walker or wheelchair in order to get around. Even if your parent has these things at home, their house may be too small, too crowded with furniture, or otherwise unfit for navigating with these mobility aids. Even if space and ease of mobility aid usage isn’t a problem, falls can often happen while getting up from bed or in and out of the bathtub or shower. Falls like this can result in serious injury, so it would be best for them to live in an environment with more assistance.

Move your Parent into a Nursing Home for More Socialization Opportunities

If your parent has recently lost their spouse or any close friends, they may not have a full social calendar like they used to. An enriching social life is linked to better health, so it’s important to stay connected with people. To give your parent a better opportunity to socialize, consider whether you should move your parent into a nursing home. There are plenty of group activities and outings they can engage in. This will keep them busy and away from feelings of loneliness when you’re busy with work and other commitments.

It can be hard to make the decision to move your parent into a nursing home, but knowing the move is in their best interest should make it easier.